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Cogniplex is proudly a South African Consulting & Advisory Firm

with B-BBEE Level 4 Status.

We are Creative Problem Solvers

With hands-on problem solving experience gained across a number of industries, we take a holistic big-picture view of your business requirements. These insights, backed by business acumen, data analysis, industry experience and best business practice are synthesized to deliver on client expectations.

We add Value & Insight to your Business

With deep experience gained in Big 4 Finance & Consulting firms as well as in industry, we are able to add value to your specific project or broad business requirements. Experienced in high-profile & international, large scale programmes and projects, dealing with listed local companies, international companies, Special Purpose Vehicles, Medium-sized companies down to start-ups, as well as public entities in different countries.

We take pride in our ethical & transparent delivery, and continuously

focus on providing class leading value-for-money solutions.

Talk to us about your business challenges today. The possibilities are endless

Our Services
Which way is your company headed on the Information Highway?

Services we offer

We advise, consult, plan, design, build and market high quality business services and solutions

Business improvement & Cost Reduction

  • Strategic & Innovation initiatives
  • Cost monitoring & Cost saving projects
  • Business & Performance improvement
  • Business analysis & Diagnostics
  • Process Improvements

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Transaction Advisory & Supply Chain

  • Transaction Advisory for large scale / complex capital or other projects
  • Strategic sourcing
  • End-to-end management of tenders and sourcing
  • Contract negotiation, management & close-out
  • Outsourcing & PPP advisory

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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

  • Data Analytical & BI Services
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Data Analytical support for Due Diligences, Mergers and Acquisitions, IT System implementations

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Supply Chain Visibility

More information on our exciting new Supply Chain Visibility Solution
  • Overview
  • Advantages
  • Target industries or use-cases

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Why Clients choose us

Connect the dots ... and see the big picture

What value and insights are hidden in your company's data?

Why Clients Choose Us

CEO / FD / CFO / CPO / CXO - are you asking yourself or your team any of following questions?

Business improvement & Cost Reduction

  • Will our Business Model withstand industry disruption?
  • What can we innovate and where can we improve?
  • Do we cut overheads or save on operational cost?
  • How do we make this process more efficient?

Transaction Advisory & Supply Chain

  • How do we mitigate the risks on this project?
  • Are we getting value for money and best terms?
  • Do we really need so many suppliers?
  • Why is there so much obsolete stock?
  • Can we restructure or outsource this?
  • Do we need a SLA or penalties?

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

  • How can we improve strategic and operation management?
  • How much time can we save by automating time consuming manual / admin processes?
  • Which KPIs really matter?
  • Can data analytics save us money?
  • How do we clean up this data?

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